Devlog – April 12: Coming updates

Hello everyone!

Hypersensitive Bob was released two weeks ago and we’ve gained lots of good feedback in various sites, videos and face to face. Feedback has been mostly positive, but we’ve also gained some negative feedback and most of them is directed to the controls of the game. We’ve been trying to find different solutions to make the controls more engaging without success so far. The problem is with the combination of the current controls and the enemy AI. Making the shooting more easy, would make the enemies weak and “too stupid”. Because of this we won’t change the controls of the game within the few coming updates and we’ll focus more into the content of the game.

The first update which will will include more diversity into the journeys. More levels, more items, more achievements more secrets and a new boss fight!

While ago we teased with a coming “portal update” but once we tried it, we noticed that it would break the game flow too much. Making the game way too different from the original. Since the feedback about the core of the game has been mostly positive, we decided not to change that just yet.

We’ve got crazy ideas with going more deeper into the story of Hypersensitive Bob by combining the “dreamworld” and real world within the game. But for now, we want to focus more into having the current content into the point that you have to play a lot of hours to experience same kind of journey, you’ve had before.
Thanks to everyone for playing and supporting the game so far, it means a lot to us! <3

Best regards,

Klaus ‘Kossad’ Kääriäinen

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